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The Marriage Week International conference is an opportunity to come together, learn from each other, and develop our strategy.  


Please try to arrive in Budapest before 12:00 on Saturday March 23rd 2013. It is also possible to arrive on Friday if this is your only alternative (we will be there!). Housing can usually be arranged.

By plane:
Let us know your flights and arrival times once you have booked.  There is a shuttle from the airport to the Fortuna boat hotel, Szent István Park, Budapest.*

The conference will cost Euros67**  from Saturday evening to Monday lunch). It should be possible to arrive earlier or stay later (you will need to pay for extra days and meals); if you want to do this please include the details in your registration.

You will be able to pay for the room by credit card. We met in this location for the 2012 conference, and it worked fine.

Housing is modest, but adequate. The boatel is rated *** and offers double rooms. The rooms are small but clean and have two single beds. You will probably share a room with someone. If you want to organise this in advance with a friend, let us know and we will do our best to arrange the housing. (I will assume that couples want to share a room.) . Each room has a sink, shower and toilet, phone, tv.

Bedding and towels are is provided. The outside temperatures could be cool. Sunshine will bring the day temperature up to 10 degrees, maybe more. Bring a swimming costume, towel and bathing hat if you want to take advantage of the cities hot baths.

Please inform us, once you have made your decision, of the nights you will stay so that we can reserve the rooms.

Special Guests
Since 1986 Barrie and Eileen Jones have run marriage weekends with Time for Marriage as well as teaching seminars and encouraging marriage support programmes in churches around Great Britain. In the last few years they have been invited to teach Biblical marriage principles in Uganda, Pakistan, India, and the USA. They have four children and twelve grandchildren.

Paul Marsh
8 September 2012  

Contact info:
Office number : +4121 653 33 94
Mobile number is : +4179 383 40 23 (you can also send an SMS here)
skype : paullausanne


* You can buy a ticket in the airport for the shuttle bus. If there are two or three of you together, it's cheaper! The conference will be held in Botel Fortuna in Budapest. The address is: Szent István Park, also Rakpart, H- 1137 Budapest. Phone number (36 1) 288-8100. You can find more information on www.fortunahajo.hu

** This does not include the cost of travel from the airport to the conference location, or any other personal expenses.


Richard Kane and Paul Marsh will host you in Budapest, Hungary. We chose this venue as it is easily accessible, and offers modest conference facilites that don't strech your budget.

At the same time you enjoy the experience this historic city! We expect to be a working group of 20 to 30 people. You are welcome to bring key collaborators with you to this gathering.

The dates are fixed, so you can go ahead and book your tickets.


Please fill in your registrations details on line here no later than Feb. 23rd 2013

Saturday, 23 March 2013
First meal at 12:30

Monday 25 March 2013
Last meal at 12:00

Location: Fly to Budapest international airport or by Train/car to Budapest.

Costs: Euro 67** (per person, full board during two days, plus lunch on Monday)

Additional costs:
We have guest speakers with us, and need to contibute to this. May we will ask you to bring along some extra euros, around 20 per person?   

Contact: paul.m@marriageweek.ch  

Countries involved in MW 2011: Albania, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Czech republic, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ukraine, USA   

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